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Opti Greens

Have the holidays been causing you to feel sluggish? Regain your energy with Opti Greens capsules.

Opti Greens is 100% organic, and it contains 16 essential fruits, vegetables and greens to give you a

boost of energy and get you feeling like yourself again.


Offset your holiday celebrations and start your New Year with the powerhouse of nutrition Opti Greens provides.

Three capsules/day is equal to about 3 glasses of juiced vegetables. Ideal for picky eaters, college kids and seniors who do not have access to fresh vegetables. Get the benefit without all the fuss!


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My Favorite Towel Sets

6Piece MyPillow Towels


  • Soft to the touch without the “lotiony” feel

  • Proprietary technology makes them highly absorbent

  • Other towels feel good but don’t absorb

  • Available in multiple styles and sizes

  • Machine washable and durable – 10-year warranty

  • 60-day money back guarantee

  6-Piece Set Includes:

  • 2-Bath Towel - 30” x 56”

  • 2-Pack Hand Towels - 16” x 30”

  • 2-Pack Washcloths - 13” x 13"

  • Imported

“Towels that work, what a concept!” Mike Lindell

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20 MOI eBook Collection
Part 1 and 2

Grow your knowledge of the 40 Mechanisms of Injury

This collection includes the 2 eBooks that Dr. Tenpenny has spoken about in her discussions and in the 20+MOI Training course (also available HERE) that take you through #1-40 of the Mechanisms of Injury she has found this past year.

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The Collection

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