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Undoubtedly over the past two years, you have heard a heavy emphasis on the ingredients NAC, Quercetin, Vitamin C, D, and Zinc, and for good reason.


Although you may benefit from higher doses of certain ingredients to support your immune system, flexibility should always be an option.  We understand you may simply need a convenient way to take everything you need all at once in 1 bottle.


Introducing our comprehensive all-in-one OptiMune, your broad-spectrum support for a healthy immune system and healthy respiratory function. Thus, providing an aggressive, minimalist approach from 1 bottle.

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OptiMune contains:

  •   Vitamin C- an antioxidant shown to protect immune cells

  •   Vitamin D- supports your immune system

  •   Zinc- helps to maintain immune system integrity and healthy immune development

  •   NAC: N-Acetyl Cysteine- supports mucus clearance and normal respiratory function

  •   Quercetin- supports healthy respiratory function and a healthy immune system

If you are pregnant, immune-compromised, a young adult, or looking for a maintenance supplement in 1 bottle that covers all the bases, OptiMune is right for you. 

Why higher doses of immune supporting ingredients might not always be best?

High doses of immune-stimulating ingredients, like herbs and botanicals can be contraindicated in pregnant women and autoimmune compromised individuals.


2 capsules per day for optimal immune support

2 capsules twice per day for immune challenges


Needing a little extra support?  DrT's Daily Four Supplement Bundle provides you with higher levels of immune-supporting ingredients which you can use as a loading protocol to get you started and get your levels up.  


Have questions - please join us over on telegram for all of the latest information and talks with Dr. Tenpenny!  


And thank you for your constant support and all that you do to keep yourselves, and your loved ones healthy and happy! 

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