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Collagen protein supports far more than just skin, hair, and nails although our Opti-Collagen has been proven to increase skin hydration, slow the signs of aging and smooth cellulite.


And while we know smoothing cellulite is probably enough to get you excited about this product the true magic lies on what it does on the inside ...


Collagen plays a key role in supporting joints, reducing inflammation, and supporting the gut lining.  

Our bodies contain more than 20 different types of collagen and are considered the glue that holds our body together.  Collagen production and stores start to decrease around age 18 and so it is a supplement that has been widely adopted across all industries. 


Eating a diet high in freshly made bone broths and eating cartilage and gelatinous substances can be one way to get this into the diet, and collagen protein can also be used.

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Opti-Collagen combines three patented and highly researched types of collagen 

  • Fortigel - an easily, and highly absorbable form of collagen that not only supports cartilage and connective tissue but has also been clinically proven to stimulate the production of more endogenous collagen by your own body.

  • TendoActive with manganese and vitamin C - A type of collagen shown to produce high levels of type I collagen allowing our bodies to naturally heal connective tissues and injuries at a faster rate than only having type II or III alone. 

  • Mobilee - a patented extract rich in hyaluronic acid proven to enhance joining mobility and muscle strength.  Mobilee is the highest quality hyaluronic acid on the market, perfect for anyone from athletes to someone looking to prevent injury and support joint health 

Opti-Collagen is unique in that it is the only product on the market that combines type I, II collagen with hyaluronic acid while also stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production. 


Not all collagen is created equally.


Our collagen protein is sourced clean, hypo-allergenic and has no flavor. It can be easily mixed with any hot beverage like coffee or tea without breaking down and it can be added to any cold beverage as well.


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